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Is there permission from Parihaka's kaumatua to go ahead with this show?
The script for The Way of the Raukura was vetted by Parihaka’s Papakainga Trust and official written permission given prior to the season one performances in Auckland in 2020. Steve Worsley’s connection with Parihaka stretches back to 2014 and he and Sarah Tahere have kept in touch during the creating and refining of this show. The dialogue is ongoing. In early 2021, the Parihaka people invited us to bring the show to Taranaki and offered to accommodate the cast! We were thrilled with this invitation and consider it an immense privilege!
When and where will the show be performed?
We are booked to perform in the New Plymouth Opera House (aka TSB Theatre) or March 17, 18 and 19 in 2022. Following those performances we are looking to arrange a second season of the show in Auckland. We are working on the location and timing for those performances.
What is the musical style of this show?
The music is scored for drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, two trumpets, piano and keyboard. A number of the songs are jazz influenced, but there is also a march, a children’s song and some in the style of English folk songs. There are a lot of vocal harmonies and echoes. The show is around 120 minutes long; some of it is straight drama, and then songs are interspersed. There are 18 songs, plus incidental music
Who is putting on this show?
Way of the Raukura are an independent theatre group and pull together talented performers from all across Auckland.